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Glow in the Dark Powder for Resin- Aqua GLOW UP Powder

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WARNING: This glow in the dark powder is excellent for creating bioluminescent resin art like beaches, starry night skies, or even northern lights! Just mix some powder into resin, a thick pouring medium, or into lacquers, or sprinkle on top of wet paint, wet resin, or a wet coat of varnish! 

Do you- or your clients - love sparkle and glam in artwork? If so, then this GLOW UP Powder is the perfect embellishment for your art. 

  • Mysterious Soft Glow- Your art will come to life at night! It glows like nothing you've ever seen before. Your clients will be shocked by the amazing glow-in-the-dark features in your art.
  • Off-White color during the day: So you can flawlessly incorporate it into your artwork.
  • Add to any artwork or craft... ornaments, artificial flowers, fluid art paintings, epoxy, tumblers... anything that needs that extra glow.
  • Embellishment that makes your art look glamorous... NOT cheap!
  • Perfect for subtle or dramatic effects: use a little bit for a subtle effect or a lot for a dramatic look.
  • Material- Luminescent powder
  • Color- Off-white in daylight, Aqua at night
  • Size- Fine Powder
  • UV Resistant- for art that stands the test of time.
  • Oil/Alcohol Resistance- Excellent
  • Glow Duration- 12+ hours with 10 minutes of light exposure (UV preferred). Glow will diminish as time goes by. 
  • Glow Life Span- Over 20 years
  • Recommended safety gear: gloves, respirator mask, goggles. Do not inhale or consume.  
  • Mixing Ratio- 10-50% concentration of pigment (by weight) to medium (by volume) to achieve visible glow. For example, for maximum glow, use the following ratios...
    1/2 oz Glow Powder: 1 fluid oz Medium
    8 oz Glow Powder: 1 pint Medium
    1 lb Glow Powder: 1 quart Medium
  • Full Saturation with Photoluminescent Compound- All of our GLOW UP products are fully saturated with the photoluminescent compound rather than just being top coated. This means you can shape, sand, cut, smash, fracture, do whatever you want to GLOW UP and it will still glow just as brightly as when it made its way to you. 


CAUTION: Powder should typically not be mixed with mediums containing a heavy concentration of water. Water will compromise the structure of the glow crystals and decrease the intensity of the glow.

If using in a water-based medium, just know that the powder can be compromised and you will see a reduction in the luminosity and longevity of your project. Instead, use a clear non-water based medium with a high viscosity (resin, epoxy, lacquers, or any alcohol or oil based mediums).

Use over a white or light colored surface to see the maximum glow. You can add additional layers to increase the intensity of the glow.

The Perfect Mixed Media Embellishment for Elegant Art!

Looking to take your art to the next level? Then this glow-in-the-dark powder for resin is perfect for creating bioluminescent effects. Perfect for glowy beaches, starry night skies, or even northern lights artwork!

Shock your clients and friends with art that enchants! 

5-Star Best Selling Powder

Aqua GLOW UP Powder is a 5-star best selling aqua luminescent powder.

Achieve stunning results in resin.

High Quality Powders

Brighter and longer glow than cheap zinc sulphide glow powders!

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*CAUTION: This is a very fine powder. It is recommended to wear gloves, respirator mask, and goggles. Do not inhale or consume.  


SHIPPING NOTE: Due to very high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.



How to Use GLOW UP Powders:

Stir in GLOW UP Powders into resin or into a thick non-water based medium for a bioluminescent effect. Add as little or as much as you want to achieve the desired intensity of the effect. 

For a more dispersed effect, sprinkle GLOW UP Powders on top of your art while the resin, paint, or varnish are still wet!


Here's a video that shows how our "GLOW UP" powder look like real life 👇



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