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Enchanted Snow GLAM Flakes (White with Pink, Blue, and Golden Colorshift)

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Add a touch of magic to your crafts and beauty projects with our Enchanted Snow Glitter Flakes. This exquisite translucent white glitter features mesmerizing color shift properties, transforming any creation into a winter wonderland. Just like freshly fallen snow, Enchanted Snow Glitter glistens with an iridescent brilliance that changes with the light, revealing subtle hints of pink, green, blue, and gold.

Perfect for scrapbooking, nail art, resin crafts, and more, our high-quality glitter ensures a stunning, long-lasting sparkle. Elevate your projects with the enchanting allure of Enchanted Snow Glitter and watch them come to life with every flicker of light.

  • Color: Translucent white with pink, green, blue, and gold color shifts
  • Texture: Fine, lightweight flakes for easy application
  • Uses: Ideal for resin, crafts, nail art, and more
  • Packaging: Secure, resealable container to keep your glitter fresh and ready to use

Transform ordinary into extraordinary with this white iridescent glitter, where every flake tells a story of light and color.

The snowy white glitter flakes are made of high quality polyester that reflects light in a magical way... NOT your typical cheaply made craft glitters which fade and dull with time. Expect maximum sparkle!!! 

WARNING: This glitter is excellent for giving your artwork a magical sparkle! 

Do you- or your clients - love sparkle and glam in artwork? If so, then this white iridescent glitter is the perfect embellishment for your art. 

  • Incredibly sparkly: it twinkles like nothing you've ever seen before. Your clients will be shocked by the amazing bling of this powder.
  • Color-Shifting: No one likes boring or dull paintings/artwork! The color-shift effect will WOW everyone. 
  • Chunky glitter that makes your art look glamorous... NOT cheap!
  • Versatile: can be used in many types of art... fluid art, paintings, epoxy, acrylic/gel nails, tumblers, and more!
  • Perfect for subtle or dramatic effects: use them over a light background for a subtle effect or over a dark background for a dramatic look.

  • UV resistant for art that stands the test of time.
  • Withstands heat up to 225°F degrees
  • Made in the USA
The Perfect Mixed Media Embellishment for Elegant Art!

Looking to take your art to the next level? Then this chunky white glitter with color shifting properties is perfect for creating mysterious & elegant effects. Perfect for snowy magical effects!

Shock your clients and friends with art that enchants! 

5-Star Best Selling Glitter Powders

Enchanted Snow GLAM Flakes is a 5-star best selling glitter with a striking color shift from a white glitter to pink, blue and golden colorshift glow!

Achieve stunning results in resin or acrylics.

High Quality Glitter Powders

Ultra fine polyester glitter, made with high quality colorants and coatings for an extreme sparkle. NOT cheap craft glitter!!!

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