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Dark Nebula GLAM Powder [Black Holographic Glitter]

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WARNING: This glitter dust powder is excellent for creating dark backgrounds in galaxy paintings!

Do you- or your clients - love sparkle and glam in artwork? If so, then this black holographic glitter is the perfect embellishment for your art. 

  • Incredibly sparkly: it twinkles like nothing you've ever seen before. Your clients will be shocked by the amazing bling of this powder.
  • Holographic:¬†No one likes boring or dull paintings/artwork! The¬†holographic¬†effect will WOW¬†everyone.¬†
  • Ultra fine glitter that makes your art look glamorous... NOT cheap!
  • Versatile: can be used in many types of art... fluid art, paintings, epoxy, acrylic/gel nails, tumblers, and more!
  • Beautiful effects: these powders are opaque and metallic with beautiful rainbow color flashes.

  • Comes in 1/2 tsp sample bags or 2oz¬†bags. A little goes a long way so this powder will last a long time!¬†
  • UV resistant for art that stands the test of time.
  • Withstands heat up to 350¬įF degrees
  • Made in the USA

The Perfect Mixed Media Embellishment for Elegant Art!

Looking to take your art to the next level? Then this ultra fine black holographic glitter with color shifting properties is perfect for creating mysterious & elegant effects. Perfect for Night Skies or Galaxy artwork!

Shock your clients and friends with art that enchants! 

5-Star Best Selling Glitter Powders

Dark Nebula GLAM Powder is a 5-star best selling glitter powder with a black base color and bursts of rainbow colors. 

Achieve stunning results in resin or acrylics.

High Quality Glitter Powders

Ultra fine polyester glitter, made with high quality colorants and coatings for an extreme sparkle. NOT cheap craft glitter!!!

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How to Use Glam Powders:

Stir in Dark Nebula GLAM Powder into resin or into acrylic paint for a sparkly effect. Add as little or as much as you want to achieve the desired intensity of the effect. 

For a more intense glistening sparkle, sprinkle GLAM Powders on top of your art while the resin or acrylic paint layers are still wet. You can even sprinkle it on top of a wet layer of varnish!

Holographic GLAM Powders are very rich in color and absolutely stunning when the light hits them! Your eyes won't believe the gorgeous rainbow color-shifting effect!

This black holographic glitter is perfect for creating dark starry backgrounds in Galaxy paintings. However, you can use this luscious-looking glitter in any type of art project or painting. Your imagination is the limit!

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