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Blue Glow Stones- Mystery Treasures Drop 8/24/2022

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Mystery Treasure NOW AVAILABLE for a LIMITED TIME!

Grab your Blue Glow Stones (2 oz bag)

These glow in the dark pebbles have been specifically formulated to maximize the brightness and longevity of the glow in the pebbles. Designed to be used in resin! Highly durable product, longer lasting glow, and brighter than many other products on the market.

Emission wavelength: 480nm
Optimum excitation wavelength:  200 - 450nm (standard and UV light)
Glow Duration: 12+ Hours
Charge time: 10 mins (UV preferred)
Lifespan: 20+ years 

Get your luminous pebbles and use them with some Glow in the Dark Sand and Glow Powders for stunning creations!

Only 6 bags are available. GRAB IT WHILE IT IS IN STOCK!

What are Mystery Treasures???

*These mystery treasures are non-returnable.