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Gold-Blue GLAM Micro Pearls (Pearlescent Finish)

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WARNING: This gold-blue micro pearl mix is excellent for adding gorgeous dimension to any painting or craft!

Do you- or your clients - love glam in artwork? If so, then these pearlescent micro pearls are the perfect embellishment for your art. 

  • Incredibly luxurious looking acrylic bubbles: Makes your art look glamorous... NOT cheap!
  • Pearlescent shades of blue, white, and gold colors for a fancy look: No one likes boring or dull paintings/artwork! 
  • Add dimension to any artwork or craft... ornaments, artificial flowers, fluid art paintings, epoxy, tumblers... anything that needs that extra dimension and glam
  • Available in 1/2 tsp sample bags or 1oz bags. A little goes a long way so these pearls will last a long time! 
  • Mixed sizes (Pearls can range from 1mm-5mm)
  • Made from acrylic
  • UV resistant and heat tolerant for art that stands the test of time.
The Perfect Mixed Media Embellishment for Elegant Art!

Looking to take your art to the next level? Then these cute acrylic micro pearls will add elegance to any artwork, resin piece, craft, jewelry, etc. 

Shock your clients and friends with art that enchants! 

5-Star Best Selling Pearls

Gold-Blue Pearlescent GLAM Micro Pearls are a 5-star best selling embellishment.

Achieve stunning results in resin or acrylics.


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How to Use Glam Micro Pearls:

Stir in GLAM Micro Pearls into resin or sprinkle on top of acrylic paint for a cute bubbly effect. Add as little or as much as you want to achieve the desired look.  

You can also sprinkle the GLAM Micro Pearls on top of your art while the resin or clear acrylic varnish is still wet!

They can be used to create a seafoam effect in ocean fluid art, stars and planets on galaxy paintings, cute accents on sandy beaches in ocean artwork, bubble effects in 3D resin projects, and more!

They are also great for jewelry making, flower embellishing, wedding decor, etc.



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